Special Auction Salary Cap League Rules


Regular dynasty league trading rules apply except for these differences:

Trading will not be allowed during any open auction period.

Any player with a contract is eligible to be traded.  Any player without a contract is not eligible to be traded.

Draft picks are tradeable 2 years out. Must pay future dues if trading first.

Future dues only required if future first is traded

A trade may not make a franchise go over the salary cap or the trade will be voided.

A franchise’s salary cap situation will be kept in mind in any trade that is made.  (Ex. You may see a higher rated player with a high salary traded for a lesser player with a small salary in order for one owner to create cap space.  You may also see owners trade players with large salaries traded for very little or even nothing in order to create cap space.)

This is allowed as long as both owners are getting fair value.

Blind Bidding (Waivers)

All free agent pickups during the season will be done through Blind Bidding Waivers.

Blind Bidding Waivers will be available each week starting the week before the NFL regular season starts until the week before this league’s championship game.

In order to bid on a free agent, owners will select a player and enter their bid without knowing what other owners are bidding.  (Note: Blind bidding is NOT proxy bidding. If you bid $20 on a player and the next highest bid is $5, you win the player for $20._

The high bid in the Blind Bidding Waivers auction becomes the player’s salary for the season.

All players won through blind bidding are assigned a one year contract.

First come/first served adds/drops are not a part of this league.

Injured Reserve

0% of the player’s salary on IR will count against the cap.

2019 Offseason Timeline:

  • April 1st – Renewal Deadline / IR/taxi players must be removed
  • April – Franchise Tag deadline
  • April – Franchise Tag Auction
  • May – Deadline to renew player contracts.
  • May – Rookie Draft.
  • August – Free agent Auction.
  • September – Deadline to assign player contracts.

Franchise Tags

Each March, owners will have the option of tagging one player as their Franchise tag each off-season by stating their intentions on the message board thread created by the commissioner.

Owners can not tag the same player in back to back years. Attempting to franchise the same player for a second year will result in a fine of loss of cap space equal to the amount attempting to franchise the player for.

The deadline to post franchise tags will be posted each March in the message board thread.

Players may not be franchised in back to back years.

The franchise tag cost is the average of the top 5 salaries at that player’s position or 100% of his previous salary, whichever is higher.

The average of the top 5 salaries at each position will be posted at the conclusion of the previous season under the message board topic “Franchise Tags”.


  • QB: 40
  • RB: 40
  • WR: 38
  • TE: 28
  • K:1
  • DEF:2

Franchise tagged players will be made available in a league wide auction in March.

There is no trading allowed during the franchise tag auction period .

Owners seeking to bid on franchise tagged players must have their league dues paid for the next two seasons and have 1st round picks in both years’ rookie drafts.

In the first 24 hours of the auction, owners  will nominate their franchise tagged players at the tag amount indicated in the message post mentioned above (ex: $40 for Aaron Rodgers.)

Any owner that does not nominate his/her own franchise player in the time allowed will relinquish his/her rights to the player and the player will become a free agent available to all owners (including the relinquishing owner) in the free agent auction in August.

Owners may not bid on their own players beyond the opening nomination.

Auctions will automatically close when there isn’t a change in high bidder for 24-hours.

Players that do not receive competing bids from other owners will receive a 1 YR contract at their franchise tag amount (Ex: if nobody bids on A. Rodgers, he returns to his tagging team for 1 YR/$40.)  The player will be marked as a “Franchise Player” on the franchise’s roster page

Players that DO receive competing bids from other owners:

The original owner has the option of matching the high bid or allowing the player to sign with the highest bidding franchise. If the original owner matches, he/she may assign up to a 4 year contract to the player at the salary of the high bid. *****once the contract is assigned for more than 1 year, the player is no longer considered to be a franchise tag player**** If the original owner declines to match the high bid, the bidding franchise will forfeit a first round draft choice in the next two rookie drafts (current off-season and next off-season.)

*Owners MUST have A first round pick for the upcoming season and the following season in order to bid on players with franchise tags. (winning a franchise player and not being matched will result in these picks being sent to the owner losing the franchise player. If a winning owner has multiple first round picks, the owner losing the franchise player chooses the pick).

All salary averages will be among players who accumulated stats weeks 1-16

Re-Signing Players (Rules for 2020)

To renew a contract, the owner will give the player a salary:

A: Equal to his current salary plus 20%, or

B: Equal to the player’s positional rank in points per game for the previous season (week 1-16) v.s. the contract rank for the player’s position plus 20%, whichever is greater.

C: Minimum salary to re-sign is $1

Re-signing Posts should be done as a reply to the commish post of “RE-SIGNING PLAYER THREAD”



Player name, New Salary, years (1-4).

(Please verify the salary on the “Re-Signed Player Sheet” that will be linked in the first post of the thread by the commish)

If multiple players please label as 1) 2) 3)… and leave a space in between each player. DO NOT REPLY for each individual player. Each player you want to re-sign should be listed in one single reply for your team.

Example to calculate the price based on ranked order of finish:

If Wide Receiver X  scored the 5th most points per game at his position in the league last year, then he would inherit the salary of the 5th highest paid WR from the previous year + 20%.

The re-signed player will be given a new contract, up to four years in length, which will be determined by the owner.

The deadline to renew contracts will be posted in the message board thread each April.

All salary averages will be among players who accumulated stats weeks 1-16

Free Agent Auction

A free agent auction will be held each August.

Proxy Auction

All players without contracts are eligible to be nominated.

Auctions will automatically close when there isn’t a change in high bidder for 24-hours.

All owners MAY nominate one player per day (00:00:00 – 23:59:59 ET) during the auction

If an owner makes an error and nominates a second player on accident they must inform the commish immediately and also post on the message board that they player was an accidental nomination. The nominated player will be removed ASAP by the commish.

If an owner is shown to have made and illegal nomination that they did not report as accidental by the above method, the commissioner will confirm the legality of the nomination. If illegal, the player will be removed from the auction board if the offending owner is still leading on the player and the offending owner will lose $5 from current year cap for first offense, additional $10 for 2nd offense, additional $20 for the 3rd offense. Additional $40 upon 4th offense… If the offending owner does not have the cap space to accommodate these fines any player they are currently leading on will be deleted until they can accommodate fine. If not leading on any other players, their budget will be reduced to zero for the year.  Bids made after an illegal nomination will not be changed for any player but the player illegally nominated if still being held by the owner who made the illegal nomination.

To report an illegal nomination please email the league name and offending owners name and the date of illegal nominations to the commissioner via email within 3 hours of illegal bid.

At the end of the Free Agent auction the commish will create a message board post for owners to assign year. Each player won must be assigned a number of years (1-4) by the posted deadline. Any player won but not assigned a number of years for the contract will be defaulted to 1 year.


Owners may assign one to four year contracts to any player they win in an auction.

Contracts will have a set structure and must have the same salary in all seasons.

If you win a player at $30 and sign him for 3 years, his contract would be $30/$30/$30. $30 in year one, $30 in year two, $30 in year three.

50% of all players’ contracts (with the exception of rookie contracts–until 2021, when rookie contracts also become guaranteed) will be guaranteed

Waiver wire signings start at $0 bids and must be done in whole number increments

Example: If a player is released in year one of a three year, $30 contract, his guaranteed money is $15/$15/$15, which will continue to be paid against the salary cap on a yearly basis.

In the case of a player’s death or a player officially retires, an owner may release the player without any cap penalty only after providing proof to the commissioner and after getting permission to do so from the commissioner.  Proof can be provided by sending the commissioner a link to any reputable website claiming the death/official retirement has happened.

If an owner releases a player before the player retires or without commish confirmation, they are still responsible for 50% of the contract.

In the case of a player being released  by their NFL teams due to legal or other reasons, the owner is still responsible for the contract.

Rookie Draft

Rookie Draft for 2019-2020

There will be a 2 round rookie draft in May.

Only rookies are eligible to be drafted, not free agents.

Rookies will be on wage scale as follows:

1st Round

  1. $13
  2. $12
  3. $11
  4. $10
  5. $9
  6. $8
  7. $7
  8. 8  $6
  9. $5
  10. $4
  11. $3
  12. $2

2nd Round

13-24 $1

1st round picks are 3 year deals. 2nd round picks are 1 year deals.

Rookie contracts are NOT guaranteed. You may cut them without penalty at any time.

When you cut a player from a rookie contract, you must notify the commish that the rookie contract has been cut and the cap adjustment will be made.

Owners may trade draft picks.

Beginning in 2021, there will be an adjustment to align all contracts being guaranteed and subject to the 50% cut rule.

Roster and cap limitations will be suspended during times of the draft

The only rookie draft each year will be held in May.

The rookie draft will consist of two rounds.

Only rookies are eligible to be drafted.

Rookies selected will be paid on a rookie wage scale as follows:

1st Round

  1. $14
  2. $13
  3. $12
  4. $11
  5. $10
  6. $9
  7. $8
  8. $7
  9. $6
  10. $5
  11. $4
  12. $3

2nd Round

13-15 $2.50

16-18 $2.00

19-21 $1.50

22-24 $1.00

Within 1 week of the completion of the draft, each owner must submit (via reply to the message board post of the commish) the number of years (1-3) they would like on each rookie they drafted (years no longer subject to where the rookie was picked, owner decision how many years to sign for as the contracts will now be guaranteed)

Any player not assigned a number of years as a reply to this thread will be defaulted to 1 year

The owner must have their roster and salary cap within the defined regular league limits within 1 week from completion of the auction or the drafted players (starting with latest round possible and working to the earliest pick) will be removed from their roster until they are in compliance. If the commish has to drop players the players to get the owner’s roster in to compliance, the owner will be fine $1 in cap space for each player the commish must drop for the current season.

Rookie contracts are NOW guaranteed and subject to the same 50% cap cut rule that any other contract is subject to. .

Owners may trade draft picks at any time. (Trading of your first round pick requires that you pay through the year you have traded)

Rookie picks are tradeable up to 1 years out